Southend United Football Club database
Sammy Shrimper

Oakwell Stadium
Records vs Southend   Friendlies are excluded
Biggest win:3 goals: 16 Jan 1965   4-1
Heaviest defeat:3 goals: 5 Sep 1959   1-4
Highest score:16 Jan 1965   4-1
Biggest crowd:18,910 12 Jan 1938 at Barnsley
Smallest crowd:2,898 16 Jan 1965 at Barnsley
Matches vs Southend
Pl W D L F A %
FA Cup51226640%
League Cup0000
Other Cups0000
Transfers and Loans
Left to join Southend
Fee Date Name
-13 Jul 2011Liam Dickinson
-1 Feb 1996Andy Rammell
-1 Sep 1993Phil Gridelet
-1 Sep 1955Harry May
-1 Jan 1949Freddie Morris
-1 May 1932Jimmy Curran
-1 Jun 1926Percy Beaumont
-1 Aug 1923Tommy Sayles
-1 Jun 1923Harold Kay
Joined from Southend
Fee Date Name
-31 Aug 2007Jamal Campbell-Ryce
-1 Feb 1996David Regis
-1 Feb 1980Derrick Parker
-1 Aug 1977Alan Little
-1 Feb 1938Jack Everest
Head to Head - League and Cup   43 games
Date Type   F A Att
25 Jan 2008 FAC4 H 0 1 7,212
14 Apr 2007 Cham H 1 3 10,089
16 Jan 2007 FAC3r A 2 0 4,944
6 Jan 2007 FAC3 H 1 1 5,485
28 Nov 2006 Cham A 0 2 9,288
17 Apr 2006 L1 A 2 2 10,663
22 Oct 2005 L1 H 1 1 6,986
1 Mar 1997 D1 H 1 2 4,855
7 Dec 1996 D1 A 0 3 7,483
23 Mar 1996 D1 A 1 1 6,754
1 Jan 1996 D1 H 0 0 6,537
7 May 1995 D1 H 3 1 6,425
8 Oct 1994 D1 A 0 0 3,659
5 Feb 1994 D1 H 0 3 4,101
23 Oct 1993 D1 A 3 1 5,240
17 Apr 1993 D1 A 1 3 3,855
19 Dec 1992 D1 H 3 0 3,629
15 Feb 1992 D2 A 0 1 5,328
23 Nov 1991 D2 H 2 1 5,060
19 Apr 1980 D3 H 2 1 4,424
1 Dec 1979 D3 A 2 1 11,602
31 Dec 1977 D4 A 1 1 7,446
4 Nov 1977 D4 H 0 0 5,356
15 Apr 1977 D4 H 1 1 4,691
26 Oct 1976 D4 A 1 3 4,380
13 Nov 1967 D4 H 4 1 10,513
2 Sep 1967 D4 A 1 1 6,797
11 Feb 1967 D4 A 2 1 7,648
30 Sep 1966 D4 H 3 0 9,576
16 Jan 1965 D3 A 4 1 2,898
12 Sep 1964 D3 H 2 0 6,131
9 Sep 1963 D3 H 4 1 10,441
27 Aug 1963 D3 A 1 0 6,203
20 Apr 1963 D3 H 0 0 6,901
1 Dec 1962 D3 A 2 2 9,280
24 Feb 1962 D3 A 1 1 4,666
7 Oct 1961 D3 H 1 2 8,823
8 Apr 1961 D3 H 2 0 7,153
19 Nov 1960 D3 A 1 2 4,525
29 Feb 1960 D3 H 2 2 10,941
5 Sep 1959 D3 A 1 4 5,391
12 Jan 1938 FAC3r A 1 2 18,910
8 Jan 1938 FAC3 H 2 2 15,236
Head to Head - Friendlies   0 games
Date Type   F A Att

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Peter Miles, Keith Roe and Peter Mason have all produced books on the Shimpers that I constantly use for reference. Soccernet from ESPN, the tremendous reports and tweets from Chris Philips of the Evening Echo and the stunningly comprehensive information from Tony Brown and the team at ENFA are other excellent sources of information. Thanks must also go to John Walton for allowing me to publish his extremely descriptive match reports.

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A fan's story

My Dad was an Arsenal fan, but his boss supported Southend and sometimes offered him free stand tickets to Roots Hall, so on Saturday 11 March 1961 I was taken to watch Southend play QPR and saw a forgettable 0-0 draw. Two more 0-0 draws, two defeats and one win spread over the next three years did nothing to inspire so, with one exception which was also a defeat, I gave up all real interest in football for the next 7 years.

However on Friday 29 October 1971 encouraged by the Shrimpers good home form that season I went to watch them beat Barrow 1-0 with a Terry Johnson goal, next home game Exeter were beaten 3-0, then Villa 1-0 in the FA Cup and it was as simple as that, I was hooked.

Moving 100 miles from Roots Hall in 1988 did not stop me attending most matches home and away and I have seen 1,992 Southend first team matches and watched them play at 182 grounds since that Barrow win.

Inspired by other fans sites in the mid 90's I decided to produce a site primarily intended to provide statistical and historical information on the Shrimpers from 1971 to the present day. The first site went on line on 1 June 1997, three makeovers followed in reasonably quick succession, until in 2004 I decided to learn PHP web programming and write a bespoke interactive site which certainly went some way beyond the brief I originally set myself.

Although rather proud of my efforts the world of the internet and computers moved on rapidly. Mobile phones and tablets became a common way of accessing information and monitor screen sizes grew substantially wider than the 800 pixels common in 2005. Web technologies changed too so I decided in 2010 to rewrite the site's interface completely and at the same time check and update the database. Three years of quite intensive effort which included spending ages trying to fix things that just weren't working as well as they should produced this site which went live on 15 June 2013.


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